An adventure of science, technology and other things not of this world. With the Earth in a state of turmoil and 'regular' people incapable of cleaning up the mess, its time to hit the panic button. Enter the Metafreaks, multi-ethnic kids from every corner of the globe. For a time they forget their chequered histories to unite against some pretty sinister and frighteningly powerful enemies with deadly plans for the world. To save Earth from impending disasters, they must make the best of their otherworldly powers and fight with every ounce of wit, strength, science and technology that they can muster up. And they've become such pros, they make outwitting evil seem monstrously good fun too!
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A schoolgirl who doesn't quite fit in. Hardly surprising when you consider that she's a bit witchy and has serious psychic abilities. Other than reading what's on the mind of her schoolmates, usually pranks, Beatriz can move objects with her mind, levitate up to 15 ft and shoot short burst psi-bolts. Beatriz in action spells nothing but trouble for her enemies.
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The Legends of Aveon 9
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