Wanted, a Superhero!

Must be half-human, half Martian cum walking-talking science experiment in progress. Willingness to become his family's number one enemy is a must. Should be open to the possibility of getting his ass kicked by his girlfriend after she learns about her mother's fate. Will have to outwit his biological father, a Martian, who is plotting the destruction of Planet Earth. And like all super hero jobs, must hide his super-powers behind a mask of wussiness!

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Aren alias Cedric Kline is half Martian-half human, which is great for his brain power and enhanced DNA but doesn't bode well for his enemies. Not only does Aren pack many times the super power of both humans and Martians, he can morph into the most unexpected shapes. When Aren isn't going to school as Cedric Kline, he's busy fighting Martians because as far as his loyalties are concerned, he's all human. As long as you're not at the receiving end, Aren's fights are fun. It's the only outlet he has for his mischievous streak.
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